Concert attire info for Smith Singing Surfers can be found on one of the tabs on the right. Dwyer's Open House is February 21st. Band's SCSBOA Festival is March 6th. Chamber Choir's State Festival is March 20th. HB Art Show for Singing Surfers, and Concert Choir, is March 29th (and so is our Heritage Festival trip for Chamber Choir). Exciting times ahead!
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Smith Singing Surfer - Girls

Smith Singing Surfer concert attire for ladies:
  • White top (e.g.: dress shirt, or blouse)
  • Black bottom (e.g.: slacks, or skirt)
  • NO jeans, leggings, or shorts
  • Black shoes (flats preferred)
  • *Suggested Accessories: royal blue rosette tie, and a royal blue cummerbund. Please note: the picture shows the attire with a bow tie, instead of the rosette tie. Scroll down further to see a picture of the rosette tie.